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  • Gibson SG

    The Gibson SG is a model of a solid bodied electric guitar that is as popular today as it was when it was introduced in the 1960’s. In the late 1950s sales of Les Paul guitars were much lower than the year before hence the redesign of the Gibson SG which is a thinner and flat topped body with a neck joint which was extended. As the costs of the manufacture decreased and the popularity of the Gibson sg increased. The SG in the name stands for Solid Guitar which the guitar is similar to the Epiphone Les Paul Standard.

    With the popularity of this guitar many competitors have copied the model to generate sales in their own respective guitars. Gibson SG is still however number one choice for guitar players around the world. Hundreds of thousands of Gibson sg guitars have been sold around the world and gives testament to the quality of the guitar. These guitars can be now purchased online and in most music stores in the UK.

The Musical Instrument Trade

Finding affordable prices for many musical instruments seems basically impossible these days. If you really want to go all out and buy the best equipment you can possibly get your hands on, then you can count on laying down some serious coinage in your endeavors. The biggest solution to this problem of high prices is finding some used equipment that someone else does not need anymore. Just like many other budget ripping purchases, musical instruments are usually best bought used instead of laying down all that money for a shiny looking instrument. As long as there is no severe damage to the instrument, you can’t really go wrong with your decision to buy used musical instruments. The sellers are also helped out in this instance because they get some cash for something they will probably never use again. Whether they are retiring from their music career or just moving on to a different piece of equipment does not really matter as long as they are able to get someone to give them money for their old guitar or bass. The secondary market for musical instruments really helps out everyone and musicians would really be in trouble if it didn’t exist. No teenager can afford to buy a brand new set of drums with their allowance money, which is why the secondary market for music instruments is so important. Used instruments are extremely vital to the creation of new, thought-inspiring music. If you can help some new musician out by selling them your old saxophone and they turn into a jazz legend, then that is something that everyone could agree benefits society as a whole.